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Wells Fargo

Lynette is looking for an attorney, she is in California. Please post any comments or suggestions at the
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The Buckley Firm
Correspondence with Wells Fargo's attorneys.

Wells Fargo's refusal to provide the amount required  to cure the default and reinstate the loan.

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The scanned receipts, checks, statements

DOC complaint about Wells Fargo
Summary, and the description of the numerous attempts by Lynette and her attorneys to resolve the problem.

Additional regulatory agencies to file complaints with about The Buckley Firm and Wells Fargo.

Key Documents
The CPA's statement
The accounting along with the proof of payment attached

The Buckley Firm's statement
Most payments are omitted

Wells Fargo Tammy Cyphers page 1 - page 2
"...under penalty of perjury ...", MORE lies

Wells Fargo's online statements

Wells Fargo's OWN proof that they lied to the Bankruptcy Court

Baker vs. Trans Union




Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. and the Buckley Firm conspired to defraud Lynette and her family out of her home.

Updated March 5, 2002

I had just learned that The Buckley Firm no longer represents Wells Fargo, and I already used up most of my patience.  I'm again using "conspired to defraud" and again nobody cares.

On Thursday, 2/14/02, around 4 AM, I sent my first fax with Lynette's power of attorney to the Wells Fargo bankruptcy/foreclosure department in Charlotte, NC at 704-329-3265:

"Attn: Crystal and Kelly
Wells Fargo

February 14, 2002

Re. (deleted), CA - (deleted) - loan # 5174292

Dear Crystal and Kelly:

According to Mrs. (deleted) you have been researching the payments made for this loan since November last year. Please forward this fax along with the results of your research to WHOEVER is handling this loan now.

I am publishing the (deleted) foreclosure nightmare at

Many Wells Fargo payment receipts and statements are posted at, along with a CPA's account analysis. My communications with The Buckley Firm are at

After careful review of the documents, as well as the responses of The Buckley Firm to my inquiries, I concluded that Wells Fargo and The Buckley Firm conspired to defraud the (deleted) out of their home. I do publicly state so at and I have several requests:

  1. As I do not have original documents, I would like Wells Fargo to confirm or deny the authenticity of the published Wells Fargo documents, and I am requesting the comments of the Wells Fargo legal department for publication at
  2. Please immediately fax to me at 605-267-8000 the current payment history and the itemized statement for the total amount required to cure the default by 2/28/2002.
  3. Please explain the Wells Fargo check mailed to the (deleted) for $4,450.

  4. Do you have ANY excuse for NOT having reinstated this loan, for NOT having sent an apology to the (deleted), along with a gesture of goodwill for having created so much stress and frustration for this family. Mrs. (deleted) already had cancer, and her doctor recommended hospitalization last week because she is so worried and stressed over impending foreclosure. A more detailed description is at

HOW can you mistreat people like this?

And I'm not talking about the LAWS Wells Fargo is no doubt violating, I'm talking about decency, ethics, morals. There is the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Corporation, Inc -- and there are the PEOPLE responsible for this fraud and the tremendous stress and damages suffered by the (deleted).

If you don't provide me with really good evidence that the published documents are not authentic, I am going to file complaints and request criminal investigations with the California AG, the DOC, HUD, the FDIC and anyone else who could have an interest in the Wells Fargo mortgage fraud.

And, I'd like to see this loan reinstated by the end of TODAY.


Christine Baker
fax: 605-267-8000

c: Lynette (deleted)

When I called them in the afternoon I they didn't have the power of attorney or fax.

Was on the phone and faxing to them for over an hour. Got the fax receipts, they kept going to the fax looking for it, couldn't find it.  Just UNBELIEVABLE!

"Dear Jerrel:

I'm faxing to you now, since you apparently didn't get the fax received by Wells Fargo early this morning as per my receipt:

TRANSMISSION: 14-Feb-2002 10:47:20 GMT.
DURATION: 1 Minute


(the rest of the fax was the same as above)

TRANSMISSION: 14-Feb-2002 22:35:00 GMT.
DURATION: 1 Minute

Finally I just stuck the power of attorney into the "physical" fax machine, but nothing worked. Jerrel went to the fax while I waited on hold, he found no fax.

While I spoke with Jerrel twice, I was told there is no "Jerrel" when I tried to get transferred to him after we were disconnected.

I tried several other people, found out that Lisa Fletcher is the department manager, but they won't give out her extension or e-mail because that's "private." She was not in, I left a VM for her.

And someone told me that the loan is now handled by Deandra.

A very nice lady answered the phone a little after 5 pm, and she promised she would enter the authorization into their computer system.  I just hoped she got my fax and came through. She thought chances were excellent, since nobody could run off with the fax as nobody else was there anymore.


Later that night, or early morning Friday, Feb. 15, 2002, I faxed to Lisa Fletcher:

Via fax to 704-329-3265


Christine Baker
fax: 605-267-8000


Lisa Fletcher
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Department Manager
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.

February 15, 2002

Re. (deleted), CA - (deleted) - loan # 5174292

Dear Ms. Fletcher:

I am hereby following up on the VM I left for you yesterday.

I had sent numerous faxes to 704-329-3265, apparently the only number you give out, and nobody could find my faxes. As I kept calling your 800-274-7025 in hopes of being able to speak to someone in charge about the many "missing" payments, I found out that your employees did not add notes of my calls to your computer system. Why is that?


The rest of the fax was the same as above.

It seems like a miracle that this fax was actually received.

I got this e-mail from Kevin C. Hunt:

From: Kevin.C.Hunt@mortgage.wellsFargo.COM
Subject: (deleted) Mortgage
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 08:20:38 -0600


             I have been assigned to this account via Lisa Fletcher-Buck.  I will be working as your contact within Wells-Fargo Home Mortgage.  Please send me a telephone number where I can reach you so that we can look into resolving these issues together.  I can't promise to have these issues resolved overnight, since I have just been assigned. I will promise to work with every effort to get to the bottom of what is happening with this account as soon as is possible.  I look forward to working with you in the near future.  Thanks for your help in this matter. 


Kevin C. Hunt
Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Department

I called him in the afternoon, got his VM.  He called me back a little while later. We actually had quite an extensive conversation, he did have my fax to Lisa Fletcher-Buck.

Stupidly, I tried to explain what's going on. I should have known better.

"Please send me a telephone number where I can reach you so that we can look into resolving these issues together."

That means, I have to talk him through this because he can't look at those nicely organized documents on the web and figure out what's going on.

Eventually, he asked me to fax him the check Wells Fargo had sent to Lynette. I was perplexed.  

"Why?" -- So he had evidence in his file to prove that Lynette had received the check.  I thought I wasn't hearing right.

We got into who works for who, which led to Kevin explaining to me that he does NOT get his pay check from Wells Fargo.  He is an independent foreclosure consultant. I thought that was odd, considering that he had a Wells Fargo e-mail address, phone number and nothing indicated that he did NOT work for them. Not a big deal, I just felt a little deceived.

So I asked him once again to please get us the current itemized statement to bring the loan current.  "Can't you push a button on your computer and print it out?" No, it takes a while.

I finally asked what the status of the loan was, and apparently it's still on track to foreclosure. There seems to be NOTHING you can do to get these peoples' attention.

And, all of a sudden he started asking what my relationship with Lynette is. Apparently, he hadn't even looked up the loan yet to see whether the power of attorney was in the system.

Kevin had serious trouble understanding that I wasn't acting as Lynette's real estate or mortgage broker. Even though I clearly stated in the fax that I was publishing the events, it seemed too difficult a concept for him to grasp. I had the same problem at Buckley.

He also seemed a little concerned about publishing our communications. I suggested that he could always refuse to accept this assignment, since he's not a Wells Fargo employee - he decided it was ok.

I reminded him that Lynette already had cancer and that the stress and anxiety over not knowing what's going on is seriously affecting her health, and to please work on that loan and get us the figures by the end of the day.

Apparently he hadn't actually read the fax or looked at the loan at all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I could have been talking to a rock.

Haven't heard a thing from Kevin Hunt, or anyone else at Wells Fargo.  And yes, they WERE open for business on Monday, apparently only the banks were closed.

Supposedly, Buckley already "forwarded" our correspondence to Wells Fargo on the 13th, last week, but they didn't say to who and how.  Considering my numerous faxes since Wednesday night, you'd think somebody at Wells Fargo would object to this web site by now or at least reinstate the loan.

Not so.

So I tried to call Kevin Hunt, unsuccessfully.  Here is my e-mail to him:

Hi Kevin,

It is now Tuesday, 2/19/2002, almost 3 pm.  I just spoke with Winston in the Wells Fargo foreclosure department, trying to get him to transfer me to you.

After giving Winston the loan #, the name on the loan and whatever else he wanted, he put me on hold, then told me I needed to call Lonestar at 972-419-1167.  He refused to transfer me to you.

I spoke with Yesenia at Lonestar, and she assured me that the file was closed.

You still have not yet responded to any of our requests, specifically the amount required to bring the loan current. Winston told me that yesterday was a regular business day in your department.

What's going on?



Lynette also called them today.  First she asked to speak with Lisa Fletcher, and twice she was disconnected when they "transferred" her.

Then Lynette asked to speak with Kevin, and after being on hold for 17 minutes, she had to go. She DOES have other things to do.

Lynette faxed the DOC complaint 2/19/02 with the hard copy to follow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Wells Fargo, just like The Buckley Firm, is totally oblivious to the situation.

So I just sent this fax/e-mail to the Wells Fargo's Peter J. Wissinger, President & Chief Executive Officer:

Via fax to 515-213-7587
Via e-mail to:


Christine Baker
Fax: 605-267-8000


Peter J. Wissinger
President & Chief Executive Officer
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
1 Home Campus
Des Moines, IA 50328-0001
Phone: 515-213-7373
Fax: 515-213-7587

February 20, 2002

Re: Wells Fargo and The Buckley Firm conspiring to fraudulently foreclose on Lynette's home - Loan # 5174292

Dear Mr. Wissinger:

Lynette found the above address on the net and we hope that you are still in charge of Wells Fargo mortgages and willing to assist with this matter.

"Wells Fargo and The Buckley Firm conspiring to fraudulently foreclose on Lynette's home"

Those are pretty harsh words, and I'm just hoping that you will respond with: "No way, we don't do that!"

It really sounds hard to believe that Wells Fargo would knowingly omit mortgage payments, under penalty of perjury, in declarations to the Bankruptcy Court - while clearly displaying those payments on their own statements.

Please have a look at and the many scanned receipts, statements and cancelled checks as well as my correspondence with The Buckley Firm.

Lynette faxed her complaint to the DOC on 2/19/02, and while I'm confident that the DOC investigation will get results, I know that YOU can get things moving a lot faster.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Christine Baker

c: Lynette (deleted)


TRANSMISSION: 20-Feb-2002 09:42:31 GMT.
DURATION: 1 Minute

Thursday, February 21, 2002

No word from CEO Wissinger or anyone else.

Called Wells Fargo Foreclosure again.

1:23 PM PST - I listened to music for a while, then got a recording advising that they are closed. Figuring that they can't possibly closed, I tried again.

Finally got to speak with Darius.  He told me that I AM listed on the account, but that I need to speak with their attorney.  That's Lonestar.  I told him that it's what I was told the previous day, and Lonestar had no information. He put me on hold, then told me that the file was sent to them.

I told Darius that I had requested the total figure to cure the default since last week, does it always take that long? No, not normally. I asked what the problem is, he told me I needed to speak to their attorney.

What about Kevin Hunt? Why do I have an e-mail from him stating he will work on the loan? He put me on hold again, then told me I needed to speak with their attorney.

Don't ask me why, but I actually tried to explain to Darius what's going on, that we are trying to get the loan reinstated. He asks whether we're ready to send in  $28K.  Apparently the figures ARE right on their screen, they just won't send provide them to us.

I asked whether that was with or without the payments they omitted under penalty of perjury. When he responded that they don't omit payments, I asked him to read this site sometime.  And, I asked why nobody at Wells Fargo sues me for stating here that Wells Fargo and Buckley are conspiring to defraud Lynette out of her home.

    "We make way too much money to care about what somebody like you says."

That's a quote, I wrote it down. Maybe the first honest answer I got.

So I asked to speak to Kevin Hunt again. Got his VM, left a message, of course he didn't call back.

Called Lonestar: They don't have the file yet, need to have a file # before I can get the power of attorney added.

Phone: 972-419-1167
Fax: 972-341-0682

March 5, 2002:

I was in San Francisco for a week and Lynette continued sending out complaints and pleas for help.

Finally Pete Wissinger, CEO, called her and he assigned Michelle to work on the account reconciliation.  Lynette has been very happy with Michelle's efforts, the foreclosure has been put on hold.

Supposedly Lynette will get the mortgage modification soon.

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